From New Hampshire
to Hong Kong
to Acton
to the ABRHS Student Council—this is



It all started in Littleton, NH.

Eric was born in the small town of Littleton, New Hampshire.

Eric moves to Hong Kong, China.

Eric spent four years in Hong Kong, where he completed his early elementary education. Hong Kong becomes Eric’s home away from home.

Acton—the place he calls home.

Eric started fourth grade in Acton, MA, at McCarthy-Towne. He transferred to Conant to complete his final year of elementary school. He has lived in Acton for six years.


Eric runs for Student Council 2 times.

Eric ran twice for the Student Council in 4th and 5th grade. Although he did not win, it laid the foundation for his future in the Student Council.

The first campaign.

In 7th grade, Eric launched his first campaign for Homeroom Rep. He won the election and went on to become one of the most popular Homeroom Reps. Later that year, he organized a Box-Tops fundraiser in 7 Gold, which raised $50 for the school. As a reward, his homeroom received a pizza party. 


Eric for President.

In 2018, Eric ran for President of the Student Council along with Jonathan Lei, Joy Wang, and Grace Lee. He did not win, but his name became synonymous with Student Council.

Another year.

Eric ran for Homeroom Rep in 8th grade again and won, without opposition.

Qualified to be Treasurer.

During the summer of 2019, Eric completed a rigorous 3-week Macroeconomics course at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (HKU). Later, he received a 5 on his AP Macroeconomics exam.


Freshman Student Council Rep.

Eric runs again for Student Council in high school. After the departure of Grace and Jonathan, a new voice joins the Gold Pig Party: Anya Mittal. Eric, Joy, and Anya win the election and become some of the most transformative Student Council Reps.

Proposing drastic measures to alleviate hallway congestions.

Eric and Joy wrote the most significant bill to address the worsening hallway congestions in our school. The bill did not pass, but they brought an important issue to light.

Ensuring a clock in every classroom.

Eric and Anya passed a bill that would ensure a clock in every classroom. They are working with the administration and students to make this possible.

Protecting students from Coronavirus.

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, Eric is the only Rep. who is taking action. He met with the administration to talk about measures that need to be taken in order to keep our students safe. He continues his fight to keep students safe through the proposal of the Student Wellness and Disease Protection Act. The CRRT (COVID-19 Rapid Response Team) was created as part of his plan.

Lower Stress. Academic Success. For Every Student.

Lastly, Eric passed the greatest assessment reform in AB’s history. His plan would bring 4% test corrections to all major assessments. Eric believes that one assessment should not determine a student’s grade or their future. 


Delivering 600+ Masks to First Responders & Essential Workers.

Eric has delivered over 600 masks to Emerson Hospital, a local senior center, the police department, and fire station. In addition, Eric and his family has donated over 1,500 masks to the community and 5,000 masks in total.

Giving back to the community.

Eric is an active volunteer in his community. He volunteers at the School Store, Chinese School, and a local art organization. He won the Gold level President’s Volunteer Service in 2020.


Join Eric to create meaningful changes within our school and let's write our next chapters, together.