A Bold Vision to Change AB.

President Eric will pass the most comprehensive academic reform in AB’s history to reduce stress, improve student achievement, and foster growth. He will bring test corrections to all classes, anonymous grading to humanities classes, and a homework pass program. Eric will always put the hardworking students first.

As President, Eric will always prioritize the mental health and wellbeing of AB students. His policies will drastically reduce overall stress from academics. In addition to mental health, Eric will protect students’ health with the strictest COVID-19 measures.

Science says climate change is real. So, Eric will lead the Student Council and stand up for our environment. He will implement a school-wide recycling program, eliminate plastic straws and utensils in our cafeteria. This will dramatically reduce the school’s waste while saving taxpayer dollars.

With everyone back in school, hallway traffic has reached unacceptable levels. Eric will lead the Student Council in implementing hallway reforms to reduce traffic by up to 30% in the most congested locations.

It’s a new day for the ABRHS Student Council. President Eric looks forward to leading a more unified, optimistic, and motivated government. Eric will increase government efficiency by creating committees. 

Eric will lead a fiscally responsible government; he believes that the Student Council has a moral responsibility not to spend more than what it takes in.