"The Student Council needs to step up and protect our students from contagious and deadly diseases. We need to adapt quickly as our students' lives may be at stake."

-Rep. Eric Yao

Due to the global Coronavirus crisis, Eric will work with the administration to take actions necessary to protect our students. Eric truly cares about the students at AB and will make sure that no lives will be taken by the Coronavirus.


  • Mandate students who have traveled to any territory outside the U.S. in the past month, to stay at home for at least 14 days upon returning to school.
  • Students with a direct family member who has traveled to foreign territories in the past month will also be subject to the intermission.
  • Suspend students who attended school who attend school when they know they have COVID-19
  • More transparency—Students, families, and teachers deserve the right to know who is infected


  • Ban mass gatherings of more than 10 people.
  • Suspend all events or competitions with other schools, like athletic events, etc. This applies to events on weekends as well.
  • Students are required to wash their hands with soap and water during the first period of the day.
  • Disinfection of desk areas in every class
  • Separated Lunches: Students will eat in groups of 10 people in different areas of the building to avoid spreading of the coronavirus in the cafeteria or commons.
  • Body Temperature Testing
  • Stricter social distancing enforcement & ensure adequate airflow in classrooms

Ban Mass Gatherings of More than 10 People

We cannot let the Coronavirus spread within our community. So, Eric will work with the Student Council to make sure all events where more than 10 people are gathered within a constituent space will be suspended. Our diverse community will make us more susceptible to the virus and we simply cannot risk our Students’ lives.

Suspend All Events with Other Schools

In addition, all events, competitions, activities, etc, with other schools or institutions will be suspended, even on weekends. Eric will not let potential carriers of the Coronavirus from other schools contaminate AB students.

Mandate All Students to Clean Hands Before Class

Eric will mandate all students to wash their hands with soap and water during the first period of the day and before lunch. Classes will take turns using the restrooms over the course of a period. Washing hands will eliminate the virus on hands and help contain the spread.

Disinfection of Desk Area

Students will also disinfect their desk areas in each class to remove the virus on the surfaces from previous classes.

Separated Lunches

To avoid a large concentration of students in the cafeteria and the commons, Students will be separated into groups of 10-15 people of their choosing. Each group will eat lunch in designated areas around the campus to stay away from others.

Body Temperature Check By the CRRT

All students’ body temperature will be measured in the morning when they arrive at school. Eric has established the CRRT (COVID-19 Rapid Response Team) and appointed a director, Alex Short, who will be overseeing this operation. The Student Council or the School will purchase temperature guns to take the measurements. Students will receive community service hours for testing students.

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