Today, we made history. Under my leadership, the Student Council passed the most important bill in its 50 year history. It is with profound pride to fight for our hardworking students. Since my first election six years ago, I am forever indebted to my supporters. To my most ardent supporters over the years, I am grateful for your fidelity, the confidence you’ve placed in me to be your leader, and your belief in this cause. The passage of this bill wasn’t easy, but we found consensus. We listened to each other, we argued, but we came up with something I am incredibly proud of. All my colleague’s opinions have made my bill a better one. This is a testament of how democracy works and how we can do big things when we work together. Now, it’s up to the administration and the School Committee to officially make this bill a law. I will make sure to get this bill passed and take on the bureaucrats and career politicians. This bill is the beginning of a new era in the Student Council. We will make historic changes for the students we represent. I am ready to tackle the challenges we face ahead and continue creating meaningful changes in our school.

Rep. Eric Yao


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