In his first term, Eric proposed four major plans, including the Passageway Congestion Alleviation Act, Universal Requisite Timekeeper Act, Student Wellness and Disease Protection Act, and a foreign travel ban. Before the school closure, Eric laid the groundwork for his greatest proposal yet. Eric attended all meetings and volunteered at all Student Council events. Although he did not get all legislations passed, he will continue to work with other members and create bipartisan solutions to issues.

Agenda for next year

Eric has laid out 8 plans for his second term in the Student Council. Here’s what he will achieve:


Tough teachers and grading are obstructing AB students from achieving their vision of academic success. Eric will bring test corrections of up to 3% to all classes and make sure every student will live up to their God-given potential. In addition, Eric will eliminate racism and bias from humanities subjects by making grading on writing assignments anonymous. A student’s future shouldn’t be based on race, gender, or favorability.


We need to listen to scientists and take action against the greatest threat to humanity: climate change. Eric will eliminate plastic straws in our cafeteria, establish a formal recycling program, and explore the possibility of increasing our use of solar power.

Government Reform

Our current Student Council isn’t working: Representatives aren’t doing anything to improve the lives of students. With weak leadership, there has been no major legislation passed or achievements. Eric plans to make the government more responsible by assigning committees and focus on policy more. We will also get rid of corruption by holding transparent elections.


Eric has been the champion of students’ freedom for years. He plans to get rid of advisory and give students a choice in their education by making the ADL “A World of Difference” Program optional for students.


A 21-century school requires a modern infrastructure. Eric will invest in charging stations for phones, laptops, and Chromebooks.


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