Real Change on Day One.

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In this article, George Ji interviews Student Council Representative Eric Yao about […]

Eric’s Promise to AB

As President, Eric will pass 6 new reforms by proposing 10 bills.

Merit-based grading

Eric is an advocate for fair assessments for English and Social Studies courses. He believes that a student’s grade should not depend on their race, gender, or favorability by their teachers. His plan will eliminate all bias on essays and assessments.

homework relief

To lower stress for students, Eric will create a new homework pass system for every single student. The homework passes can be used to push back the deadline on homework to ensure students have the time to do their best work.

Climate Action

As President, Eric will take quick and decisive action to fight climate change. He will establish a school-wide recycling program and phase out plastic straws in our cafeteria.

government reform

As a long time champion for students, Eric will make the Student Council work for students and not the special interests. He will hold our elected officials accountable and establish committees on the Student Council.

Eric Wants to Know What You Think!

Fighting for better grades, climate action, more student freedom, a modern infrastructure, government accountability, and safe communities.