A fair assessment system for all

Eric is an advocate for just assessments for English and Social Studies courses . His plan will eliminate ALL bias on essays and assessments. 

helping students succeed academically

Eric has a plan that will give everyone a chance to achieve their vision of academic success. He will bring the option of test corrections to all subjects.

DEFend our conservative values & defeat the radical left

We need to reject the  extremist agenda of the left by dismantling the ADL, defending our mascot, and sticking to a traditional curriculum.

fight climate change & protect our environment

Eric will sponsor bills that will protect our environment and make fighting climate change part of the Student Council’s agenda.

Why Eric’s the Best Candidate:

There are countless reasons why Eric is the best candidate. Here are some of them.


Eric has served on the Student Council for 3 years, with 2 years being a homeroom representative. He also ran for Student Council 6 times.

Proven record

From hallway congestions to clocks to fundraising, and helping out the Student Council, Eric is one of the most accomplished representatives in the Student Council. He met with the administration 5+ times to discuss new policies. He attended all Student Council events and collected chaperone forms. 


Eric has completed a rigorous three-week Macroeconomics course at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. He has also operated his own business in 6th grade.


We need real changes AB students deserve. Eric has the MOST plans and goals of all candidates, from assessment reform to our infrastructure and planet. Eric will work with other officers to make historic progress and changes.

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Tenure In his first term, Eric proposed four major plans, including the […]

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